A thermodynamical approach to the conductive composite slide bearing

  • Branko Katana
  • Vesna Alić Kostešić
  • Karmen Mott Bingula


Thermodynamic of conductive composite materials is very complex, to calculate each parameter we need to have good knowledge of the necessary methods, because there is a lot of parameters that we need to consider. In this paper we will first explain the basic principle of thermal load on the composite bearing, than calculations of the heat flow for the sliding bearing / sleeve system and of the sleeve temperature. The lifetime of a composite bearing depends also on the sleeve heat flow and the sleeve thermal expansion but also on the thermal expansion of the outer housing of the sliding bearing. Therefore, in this paper we will present and explain step by step all the important thermodynamic parameters to ensure good tribological understanding of the bearing / sleeve system. In various papers we can see that mechanical properties of composite materials significantly depend on the working temperature when it comes to avoiding bearing failure, therefore it is good to calculate the maximum working temperature. The purpose of this paper is to explain the key parameters of avoiding the damage of the composite slide bearing by overheating.