Stavovi predavača prema uvođenju automatskog snimanja predavanja

  • Juraj Petrović
  • Predrag Pale
Ključne riječi: lecture capture, automated lecture capture, lecture recording, lecturers’ attitudes


Lecture captures or video recordings of lectures are becoming increasingly popular in higher education and can be expected to become a standard for majority of lectures in the future. However, there are still a number of obstacles mostly related to financial, human, and technical issues, that are influencing the pace of the adoption process and the quality of resulting lecture captures. This article describes an automated lecture capture pilot project implemented at the University of Zagreb in the academic year of 2015/2016. The Automated Lecture Capture and Publication System has been designed, implemented, tested and installed in one of the lecture halls. The implemented system requires absolutely no intervention from the lecturer to capture a lecture. As the result, more than 100 lectures, delivered by 11 lecturers in 13 courses have been captured. An on-line survey has been conducted among the lecturers at the end of the semester investigating their attitudes towards lecture captures, as well as their expectations, fears and experiences. The results of the survey can be used for designing and deploying similar systems in the future.